ISACHD Awards Past Recipients

ISACHD Lifetime Achievement Awards

2017 - Dr. Jane Somerville

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ISACHD Young Investigator Award:


2016  Jim Vehmeijer, MD (Amsterdam, NL)


Performance of Guidelines Indiczations for ICD Implantation with Congenital Heart Disease

J.T. Vehmeijer, Z. Koyak, W. Budts, L. Harris, B.J. Bouma, B.J.M. Mulder, J.R. de Groot


2017 Jim Vehmeijer, MD (Amsterdam, NL) 


Resuscitation For Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest In Adults With Congenital Heart Disease”

J. Vehmeijer, MD; M. Hulleman, MD; J. Kuijpers, MD; M. Blom, PhD; R. Kosger, MD PhD; B. Mulder, MD PhD; H. Tan, MD PhD; J. de Groot, MD PhD



ISACHD Cardiac Care Associate Research Award:


2016 Pamela D Miner, UCLA Adult Congenital Heart Disease Centre


Contraceptive Practices of Women with Complex Congenital Heart Disease: A Multi-Center North American Experience

P.D. Miner, RN, MN, NP; M.N. Canobbio, RN, MN, CNS; D.D. Pearson, PA-C, M. Schlater, RN, ARNP; Y. Balon, RN, MN; K.J. Junge, RN, BSN; A. Bhatt, MD; D. Barber BSN, RN; M.J. Nickolaus, MSN, CRNP; A.H. Kovacs, PhD, CPsych; Ph. Moons, RN, PhD; K. Shaw, MD, MS; S.M. Fernandes, LPD, PA-C.


2017 - Gretchen Jayawardena, RN, BSN


Formal Transition Program May Increase Transition Readiness, Independence And Self-Confidence In Young Adults Living With Congenital Heart Disease: A Prospective Cohort

G. Jayawardena, RN, BSN; J. Koonce, RN, NP; N. Wells, DNSc; E. Card, RN, NP; B. Frischhertz, MD; L. Markham, MD