Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital

Available fellowships  Clinical 
   Other (please specify)  
Are clinical and/or research fellowships funded by your unit? Yes
   Other (please specify)  
How do prospective fellows find out what fellowships are available? From Dr. Michael Earing, Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program Director 
Primary contact for prospective clinical fellows Michael G. Earing
   Email address
   Tel 414-266-7584
Primary contact for prospective research fellows  Michael G. Earing, MD
   Email address
   Tel 414-266-7584
How many clinical and research fellow posts per year? (total) 1 fellow per every 2 years
How many research fellow posts do you offer per year?  
What duration is usually offered for clinical fellowships? 2 years
What duration is usually offered for research fellowships?  
Is there a doctoral research program (i.e. PhD, MD, etc.)? No
   Other (please specify)  
Can international applicants apply for clinical fellowships? Yes
Can international applicants apply for research fellowships?  
How many clinical fellows are currently under training? 1
How many research fellows are currently under training?  
Are there any prerequisites for prospective clinical fellows? Must be ABIM or AAP cardiology board eligible
Are there any prerequisites for prospective research fellows?  
What sub-speciality ACHD clinical training is available?  
   Structural intervention Yes
   EP/Devices   Yes
   Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging Yes
   Cardiac CT   Yes
   Transthoracic echocardiography Yes
   Transesophagal echocardiography Yes
   Obstetrics Yes
   Heart failure Yes
   Genetics  Yes
   Pulmonary hypertension Yes
   Cardiac surgery Yes
   Other (please specify)  
What sub-speciality ACHD research is available?  
   Structural intervention Yes
   Cardiac surgery  Yes
   EP/Devices Yes
   Cardiac magnetic resonance/CT imaging Yes
   Pulmonary hypertension Yes
   Obstetrics Yes
   Echocardiography Yes
   Genetics Yes
   Translational  Yes
   Epidemiology  Yes
   Psychology  Yes
   Other (please specify)  
Annual number of adult congenital cardiac catheter interventions performed? 200-300
Annual number of ACHD surgical procedures performed? 50-100
Average weekly number of patients in outpatient clinic? >50
Who has completed this survey? ACHD clinician


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